:: welcome :: 

slow ritual is a gentle exploration of tenderness, community and connection. a space for turning inwards, in order to connect outwards. this space is a temporary container for all that i am currently learning and unlearning.

wisdom is a moving and shifting experience, and i acknowledge that this space may hold relevance for only the tiniest moment in time, and perhaps for only a tiny number of people (hello to those of you who join me here). i like the transitory nature of this and i lean gratefully on feminist understandings of learning as cyclical/ woven/ uneven/ imperfect/ unresolved. 

i bring with me to this space an almost-decade worth of teaching (in schools, in youth centres, in yoga studios, in homes, in residential care units, in parks), a few good years of youth advocacy and policy work, a couple of completed degrees (and a few more that aren't), a love of learning, and a gradual softening of the need to formally study everything....

all that i offer is influenced by my own experiences of learning, working, relating, loving and living. i believe that spiritual practices both can and should hold us accountable for our roles in the social, environmental and economic engineering of our communities, and i am interested in how embodied and mindfulness practices can challenge and provoke my own thinking and paradigms, as well as open up collaborative thinking, processing and conversation about privilege, identity, responsibility, connection and equity. 

here you will find offerings in the form of somatic practices, Ayurvedic remedies, self-care resources, and experiences in the shape of workshops, retreats and immersions.

 i also facilitate trauma-informed, inclusive yoga and self-care programs for organisations, their staff and their clients. If you are interested in utilising yoga, mindfulness and/or self-care within your organisation, you can contact me directly at hello@stateofbeing.org.au. 

Jo's Yoga Qualifications and Training

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training (300 hours) - Trauma Centre, JRI (current) 

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training (20 hours) - Trauma Centre, JRI (March 2017) 

Certificate of Ayurvedic Yoga & Lifestyle Consultation (150 hours) – Balarama Chandra and Kimberly Grace Beuadion, Chiang Mai, Thailand (January 2015)

Certificate of Vinyasa Teaching (50 hours) – Jenni Morrison- Jack, Australian Yoga Academy (July 2014)

Mindful Schools Essentials Training (20 hours) - Mindful Schools USA (January 2014) 

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (350 hours) – Dominique Santana Salerno, Australian Yoga Academy (July 2012)

Other Qualifications:

Masters of Teaching (Equity, Diversity and Social Change)  – University of Melbourne (2011)

Post-Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Teaching) – University of Melbourne (2009)

Bachelor of Media and Communications – Swinburne University (2006)